Seraj Tariq Faidi


Message of the CEO for the 15th anniversary of Reem Finance.

Since its establishment in (2007), Reem Finance adopted flexibility and innovation as its approach, to enable it to succeed and excel in a competitive knowledge-based economy based on innovation in banking, the foundations laid by the leadership of the UAE during the past years.

Therefore, Reem Finance placed its client at the center of its interests and operations, and designed and innovated out of client’s needs a range of banking services and financial solutions that achieved their objectives, and yielded the best returns for shareholders.

Reem made it realize that investing in the national youth energies and empowering them is the key to achieve and maintain excellence enabling Reem Finance to overcome crises and make them more capable, strong and flexible to deal with.

And here we are today, after fifteen years, competing and every day our market share is still expanding, our services are still growing, and our business is expanding. Our capital is our customers, our employees, our shareholders and our leadership we all pledge to reach a distinguished future and we still believe that agility in work and innovation is the way to get there.